Reflection on my Learning Process

 The  most remarkable aspects of the process of becoming an English Teacher are the Elab experience  and the relationship with my classmates and colleagues.

Last year I improve my English skills a lot and I strongly believe that this is because of the Integration between the Language course and the Elab. We had the chance to shared our experiences and made a connection with the theory, specially with the first unit in which we realized many Special needs that are apparently” invisible “.  I was specially interested in Asperger Syndrome and its implications because of one of my students. At University I learnt  from the theory and authors and at School I learnt form the praxis. For me this situation it is located in my best remembers as a significant learning process, because I was part of the reality of many teachers around the world that have to deal with students with special needs to learn , to communicate or to express. The theory provides you the necessary tools to face a reality . Such as kids with Down Syndrome, Autism, Hyperactivity disorders, etc .   Furthermore  We learnt a sophisticated and technical vocabulary .

Besides, the second unit enhanced my knowledge about language construction. At the beginning it was hard and  texts were complicated and with a lot of technical features, something that I never studied before or at least with that special type of vocabulary. But I carry on studying on that useful and challenging unit and frankly it helped me to be aware of the importance of the structure of  English Language a  lot.  We covered Morphology, Syntax, Information Packaging, Phonetics and Phonology. Everyone ,consciously or unconsciously,  is communicating something and trying to convey a certain message, but Language is more than just a complex form of communication. Language involves a huge range of  areas  and subdivisions that We, as future English Teachers, should handle and parse in detail.

On the other hand, I want to emphasize on the the relationship with my classmates and colleagues that has been crucial in terms of my learning process . We have created a space of tolerance and respect between us, not only in the classroom.  When we have the space of “team work” I take the most advantages that I can in order to improve my strengths and work away my  weaknesses.  I support the idea of collaborative learning because it works on the welfare of us, as wells as in our students. 

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