My reflection about my process of Student-Teacher

Nowadays, in terms of Education, we are facing a world that demands us more work in challenging situations. In the past Education was not as criticized as now. Educational system and students need our commitment, as future teachers, to develop new and better methods to teach them. Methods that encompass integral  and mixed lessons, where students could develop their personal abilities and take advantage of them.

At school it is possible to realize the importance of some factors that determine if the aim of a class is fulfilled or not. Some of the factors are motivation, classroom management, integrated lessons and mixed ability class. I would like to emphasize two points; motivation and mixed ability. In order to make sure that our students are going to apply all their potential we have to recognize that everyone has an especial talent that should be exploited in classes.  In this manner students will be engaged with the learning process and they will be willing to work in a cooperative way.

There are many ways in which we can foster inclusion in classes. Furthermore a lot of researchers support the idea of cooperative teaching ; which means the creation of an heterogeneous class  where students with high levels can help the struggling ones. By this way we are covering their learning needs and it is a benefit in the learning process of the entire class.


In my experience at SIAO School, fortunately I am working with a teacher that believes in the inclusion and equality and if it were necessary she would praise and/or modify some methods. In some tasks, the way she organizes the course lets me know that incorporating abilities from different students outcome in a significant work . When they help each other in what they are good at they feel confident and get involve in the process, not because they will receive a reward, is because they want to learn.

Probably, with the experience we are going to develop and improve the way we integrate the abilities of everyone. But we never have to forget the following phrase: “We get what we expect from others”, so if we want to take out the potential of our students we should expect that they are going to do their best. Sometimes parents, students and teachers blame each other with the responsibility of motivation, grades, behavior, etc. But thus process involves the participation and commitment of all of them. We, as future teachers can do a significant difference in our students, we have the space and our will. We just need to take this opportunity.


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