Journal #1 :Reflections about teaching

This is my first reflective entry about Unit 1. I am going to talk about Methodological and Pedagogical aspects.  In regarding with teaching I have observed that classes are student´s center.  This type of class give students the opportunity to express themselves and being involved with the topic in order to achieve the goals and obtain as a result meaningful activities.

In this term I have realized that there are new strategies in terms of methodological procedures. First of all, I have seen that classes are planned in a clear way. I identified the three stages: Pre, While and Post.  Frankly I believed that this new method has had positive effects in our classes.  We are more organized in terms of timing and as a result we had optimal spaces of reflection. Moreover at the beginning of every class was easy for me to identify clearly the class objective. Personally this aspect engages me with the class and the topic.

On the other hand I really appreciate the space to speak and reflect given by teachers. Language is a construction and a constant development of skills.  So the class itself provides the necessary tools to improve different skills, such as speaking (mainly), reading and listening.  The connection between the readings and the objective of the class create a proper point to reflect and give opinions. At the same time videos help to develop listening skills and they are related with the topic, too.  Furthermore, What I liked the most, it was the group work in every class and in the task. Sometimes it is easy for me to recognize my own mistakes and other’s mistakes, too. In classes we discussed about key concepts, main ideas, different points of view, etc. Collaborative work and collaborative learning it is a powerful tool to take apart hindrance in our process.


Another aspect that is remarkable for me is the fact that I expanded my vocabulary. I believed that now I have more academic vocabulary than at the beginning of the term. Reading is a key element here. Through texts you can open a huge variety of new elements. I really think that include readings in class allow teachers take advantage of the new vocabulary, new concepts or new ideas of something.

All of the processes mentioned above facilitate my language learning process and I am pretty sure that I am going to apply them on my classes at school.  Additionally I would like to render thanks for this opportunity to reflect not only on what we learnt in terms of content but also on what we observed and experienced in the classroom in terms of teaching (Methodological and Pedagogical aspects).