Journal #2 Reflections about teaching

Regarding Unit #2 I am going to reflect about teaching. Since the beginning of the semester I realized that English Classes had changed in terms of methodological procedures. Classes are planned and organized with clear steps : Pre, While and Post,  each step with its timing and because of this we had more favorable spaces to reflect upon the topics. Moreover the Learning objectives were clear enough and I get involved with the topics once I read them.

During Unit #2 teachers maintained the space to discuss and reflect and the group works as well. Presentations and discussions were crucial to build up knowledge. I feel strongly that cooperative learning makes huge changes in terms of internalize a meaningful learning. In spite of the risk of working with others I witness the positive effects for the majority of the class thereby, undoubtedly, I am going to use and adapt some activities in my classes at school.

On the other hand I realized that Phonetics was included in our Friday´s classes. The core of seen language as a construction implies the integration of multiple topics and skills. Some people my disagree with me, but I think those classes were useful and support our English learning process.

Besides classes included the use of Videos, Power Points and short presentations with discussions.. All those materials plus teachers practices contribute to fulfill with the objectives. I really like the way you deal with the units , with the classes and with the assessments, all of them facilitated my learning process and helped me to identify in a deeper way my strengths and weaknesses.



One thought on “Journal #2 Reflections about teaching

  1. Feedback : Journal 2
    Dominique Hernández
    Speaking 5.5
    Fluency 8 Pauses at points interferes with fluency and communication
    Pronunciation 6 stress of the word personally, the u in industrial, the th in worth, the s in texts
    Nature 10
    Scope 10
    Extra Feedback: to be interest (ed), watch it once again (again and again), this part it was (delete it), you choose (chose)

    Writing 5.3
    Language Structure 6 Pay attention to sentence structure, collocation of words and verb tenses. See and study the following: I get involved with the topics once I read them, maintained the space, group works, internalize a meaningful learning, I really like the way you deal with the units
    Cohesion 9 I missed the use of a wider range of complex discourse markers.
    Nature 8 The last paragraph is more based on learning awareness than teaching awareness.
    Scope 10
    GRADE: 5.4

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